To run Mapswipe Workers you need to:

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Setup a Firebase Project
  3. Provide custom configurations
  4. Use Docker to run Mapswipe Workers

1. Clone Repository

  • git clone
  • cd python-mapswipe-workers
  • for current development branch: git checkout

2. Setting up a Firebase Project

Create Firebase Project:

  1. Login
  2. Add project

Set Database Rules:

  1. > Develop > Database > Create Database
  2. > Database > Rules
    • Copy and paste database rules
    • > Publish
    • Make sure you are using ‘Realtime Database’ not ‘Cloud Firestore’ otherwise your will get an error message (e.g. Error saving rules - Line 1: mismatched input '{' expecting {'function', 'service', 'rules_version'})
  "rules": {
    ".read": false,
    ".write": false,
      "groups" : {
        ".write": false,
        ".read" : true,
        "$project_id" : {
          "$group_id" : {
            ".indexOn": ["distributedCount", "completedCount"],
            ".write": "auth != null",
            "completedCount" : {
              ".write": "auth != null",
        ".indexOn": ["distributedCount", "completedCount"]
      "imports" : {
        ".read" : false,
        ".write" : true,
        ".indexOn": ["complete"]
     "projects" : {
        ".write": false,
        ".read" : true,
     "announcement": {
       ".write": true,
      ".read": true,
    "results" : {
      ".write": false,
      ".read" : true,
        "$task_id" : {
          "$user_id" : {
          ".write": "auth != null && auth.uid == $user_id"
      "users": {
      "$uid": {
        ".read": "auth != null && auth.uid == $uid",
        ".write": "auth != null && auth.uid == $uid",

Get Web API Key:

  • > Settings > Project settings > General

Download Service Account Key:

  • > Settings > Project settings > Service accounts > Firebase Admin SDK > Generate new private key
  • Put the downloaded Firebase Service Account Key into the folder cfg of the cloned Mapswipe Workers Project.

3. Configuration

Provide a config file and an environment file for Postgres.


Edit following variables in the configuratiouration file (cfg/your_configuration.json) and rename it to configuration.json.


  • provide usename und password for postgres


  • provide configurations for your Firebase instance
  • make sure the name of your Service Account Key is correct
  • for example:
  "api_key": "TBaSDnrFaJEWgVaslf-vpt5dg53fAjfdsV-1uaig",
  "auth_domain": "",
  "database_url": "",
  "storage_bucket": "",
  "service_account": "./cfg/dev-mapswipe_serviceAccountKey.json"


Create an Environment file (.env) at root of the project (python-mapswipe-workers/) with following variables:


Set custom user and password.

4. Installing Mapswipe Workers using Docker

Start the Docker Daemon: systemctl start docker

Run Docker Compose: docker-compose up -d

Check if your Docker Containers are running: docker ps

Interactive shell session for using e.g. utils: docker-compose run utils


Where can I find logs?

  • There are two locations for logs
  • docker logs container_name (eg. docker logs import): take a look at those if your container is not running
  • logs folder at the root of project (python-mapswipe-workers/logs/): take a look at those for logs of already running containers

ERROR: for postgres during docker-compose:

  • ERROR: for postgres Cannot start service postgres: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint postgres
  • Probably a postgres instance is already running on Port 5432
  • SOLUTION: Change postgres port in your docker-compose file (docker-compose.yaml)
    • docker-compose.yaml: services > postgres > ports: Change "5432:5432" to "5433:5432"

Docker containers are always restarting: Take a look at the docker logs (eg. docker logs import). If you get an Unable to load configuration file at ./cfg/config.cfg. Exiting. due to PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: './cfg/config.cfg' error message, you probably have SELinux on your system enabled. If so you have to configure (change mount option of volumes) your docker-compose file. Please read the documentation provided by Docker regarding this configuration ( Chapter: “Configure the selinux label”).

configuration.json - FileNotFoundError: Until fixed the configuration path is hard coded in mapswipe_workers/ This should work, if Mapswipe Workers is installed and running inside a Docker Container. For custom setup adjust the ROOT_PATH variable in accordingly.



How to update a container (e.g. import):

  1. git pull: get changes from github
  2. docker-compose build --no-cache import: build a new docker image for the container you need to update
  3. docker stop import
  4. docker-compose up -d import

Usefull Docker Commands

  • docker ps -a: list all containers and check status
  • docker image ls: list all docker images
  • docker-compose build --no-cache import: rebuild the image for a specific container (here: import), e.g. after changing some settings like sleep_time
  • docker exec -it import bash: open shell in a running container (here: import)
  • tail -100 ./logs/run_import.log: show logs of container
  • docker stats: show memory usage, CPU consumption for all running containers
  • docker system prune: clean up any resources — images, containers, volumes, and networks — that are dangling (not associated with a container)