Test Setup

  • Install GDAL
  • Setup virtual environment with system-site-packages enabled
    • python3 venv --system-site-packages venv
  • Activate virtual environment
    • source venv/bin/activate
  • Install mapswipe_workers
    • pip install -e .
  • Setup and install mapswipe_workers as descriped in setup.md.
    • You only need to start the Postgres Container
    • You have to change the host name of postgres in your configuration file to localhost
  • Run tests

Test order

  1. test_initialize.py
  2. test_import.py
  3. test_mock_results.py
  4. test_transfer_results.py
  5. test_update.py
  6. test_export.py


Directories (eg. data, postgres_data) created by running Docker Containers are probably not in your ownership. Running test scripts as a user will therefor fail to access and get permissions for those directories. If so change permissions for those directories using sudo chmod a+rw data/.